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Reiterated the policy to reduce the cost of living for Thai people. New Permanent Secretary of Commerce confident that Thai rice still has charm

Kirati Ratchano, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce gave an interview on the occasion of assuming a new position that he was confident that Thai jasmine rice had not lost its charm and can definitely dominate the international market Although recently lost the world’s best rice championship in 2012 to Phaka Lamduan Hom Mali Rice from Cambodia in the 2022 World’s Best Rice Contest because they lost at the fragrance. But the standard quality of Thai jasmine rice is still as good as ever. And the reputation that has been accumulated for a long time is still intact as well as Thai exporters are known for on-time delivery. honesty in business Therefore, it continues to build confidence among foreign buyers as well.

“The contest has a chance of losing. already win For example, two-time World Cup winner Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia. There are many factors that are important in making a decision. In addition to the physical criteria of rice before and after cooking, there is also interest and the different preferences of the judges Even this time losing the championship But we have already won 7 times out of 14 competitions.”

Thai jasmine rice has not lost its charm.

Mr. Kirati continued that the Ministry of Commerce will continue to build confidence. and to market Thai rice abroad, both maintaining the original market and accelerating to find new markets This year, Thailand has just returned to export rice to the Iraqi market again, making Iraq return to be the No. 1 export market with a volume of over 1 million tons and is expected to export up to 7.5 million tons of rice for the whole year. 7 million tons. The government and private sectors are also working together to develop new rice varieties. According to the Thai rice strategy for the year 2020-24, 12 new rice varieties will be developed. Currently, 6 varieties have been successfully brought to foreign buyers to try and taste at the World Rice Conference in Phuket on 16-17 Nov. ’22 received a good response. Especially from Asian buyers.

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“We must speed up improving the old rice varieties. and develop new rice varieties to meet market demand Although Thai rice is famous But don’t underestimate your competitors. that develop fragrant rice varieties to compete with Thai jasmine rice but confirms that Thai jasmine rice has not lost its charm And still definitely won the hearts of people around the world “

As for rice exports in 2023, it should reach 8 million tons, although there are still risk factors. Both the global economic recession decreasing the purchasing power of consumers and
The fluctuating baht Exporters want stability. And the movement of 35-36 baht / USD will make it better to compete with competitors.

Open 9 missions to drive commerce

As for the policy to drive the Ministry of Commerce in the next phase, Mr. Kirati said that 9 important urgent policies have been established, namely reducing the cost of living and regulating prices of goods and services, managing agricultural products using marketing-led production, Accelerate exports and border trade, accelerate free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations, develop public service systems, and promote and develop small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and small enterprises (MSMEs ), speeding up registration and utilization of intellectual property rights, promoting manufacturing and service sectors through the use of soft power and driving back offices such as ministry personnel.

“Also focus onlower cost of livingThrough a discounted commercial project! Help people and in the process of making a New Year’s gift. Including taking care of the price of goods and services to be fair. As for agricultural products, the market-led strategy is used for production. View market demand and inform farmers to produce as needed. It’s not a product that you’re good at, it’s difficult to market.”

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At the same time, exports and border trade will be accelerated. To bring revenue into the country at the same time to accelerate negotiations for a new FTA to succeed To create a handicap for Thai entrepreneurs, Soft Power will focus on 4 groups overseen by the Ministry of Commerce: food and Thai restaurants. health and beauty Thai identity products such as fashion, furniture, home decorations, and digital content such as movies, dramas, and animation games to generate income for the country.

Commerce that relies on the business sector – people.

Mr. Kirati said that in the next 6 years before retirement, he will continue to improve the back office of the Ministry by giving importance to personnel development. to support the mission that people expect from the Ministry of Commerce because nowadays The Ministry of Commerce does not have enough manpower for the mission. which has set up a working group to look at this matter by coming to find out how many people are lacking Where do you want to add? Is the current personnel management structure suitable? and will be presented to relevant agencies for further consideration

Citizens and entrepreneurs will have expect more work from the Ministry of Commerce According to the world trade context that has changed a lot nowadays But we don’t have enough manpower. officecommercein the provinces Some provinces have 1-2 government officials, some work groups, such as checking product prices, have 2 people working, so they need to add more people to support the increased work. Including having to take care of the lives of personnel, the workplace and the working environment to improve. Some offices do not have toilets for people who come to work. Some offices have termites. No budget yet.
about change etc.

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“This whole work policy is to make the Ministry of Commerce continue to rely on the private sector and the public at all times And also help drive the mission of the government to be successful as well”.


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