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Thais mock poor and cosplay beggars to celebrate birthday (Video)

A birthday party where revelers impersonated “beggars” didn’t go over well after it spread on TikTok, leading many to complain that it was insensitive.

Attendees wore dirty and tattered clothing in the clip later reposted by others who were at the event. Among all of the cringe depictions, one man wore sunglasses and behaved “blind,” pretending to walk into a wall. He and others held a microphone and portable amplifier like those associated with developmentally disabled Thais who sing for money in the streets.

Others held signs asking for money, limp along laughing, and hop on one leg.

The original video posted Tuesday by TikTok user Arttiartio has since been removed.

While some initial comments praised the party’s concept and theme, others said it was distasteful after the video went viral.

“How is this really funny?” one person…

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