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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Muay Thai fighter Wanchalong joke-apologizes for groping woman on TikTok (Video)

A celebrated Muay Thai fighter semi-apologized yesterday for groping a woman as he filmed her in public.

After releasing several statements regarding his inappropriate behavior towards women, Thaworn Sudchanham, aka Wanchalong PK Saenchai, promised he won’t film any more “fun” videos that involve sexual assault, but the fighter played his apology off as another gag.

“This is the result of my bad actions,” read a caption to yesterday’s clip, in which he grins and handwashes laundry. “I didn’t think it would be big news. After this there will be no more like it. I apologize to everyone disappointed in me. Now, my wife has announced a curfew; I’m grounded and must do all the housework and refrain from taking clips with other people.”

Despite his cavalier attitude, his fans seemed forgiving.

“Wanchalong, society in this country is difficult…

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