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Graphic shows Thailand in top 10 countries with most ocean plastic waste

Ocean waste graphic.

A new graphic shows that Asian countries, including Thailand, are among the top ocean plastic polluters due to mismanaged waste. The graphic by Louis Lugas Wicaksono is based on data from a 2021 research paper by Dutch academic Lourens JJ Meijer.

The graphic shows a pie chart made up of plastic waste, labelling each country’s amount of ocean plastic waste in metric tonnes. Surrounding the circle of waste is the ocean.

The countries with the most ocean plastic waste were ranked on a list, with each country’s number of metric tonnes of annual ocean plastic waste.

Over 75% of the accumulated plastic in the ocean is reported to come from mismanaged waste in the nine Asian countries on the list. The only non-Asian country to make it to this top 10 list is Brazil.

Most of the plastic waste comes from litter in parks, beaches, or along the storm drains lining…

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