Buy very expensive one way plane ticket now or wait until closer to return date?


Hi everyone

I am traveling to Thailand (December 2022 to January 2023) and someone wants to come with me but have only bought a ticket from Copenhagen to Phuket (CPH to IST to HKT) and we are missing one ticket home.

The person would like to travel on the same plane as me (if possible) because she is quite nervous about flying without me + she is not super good at English or traveling in general.

The problem is, that this route I am taking, has suddenly gotten extremely expensive – I am talking around 17,500-20,000 DKK (about 2500 USD, 2400 EUR) for a \*one way\* ticket (for 7th January 2023, HKT to IST to CPH). These tickets have been stabile in price for the past months, so I don’t imagine them going up.

So my questions are:


1. **Should I buy the very expensive one way ticket now or wait until later closer to our return date?**

2. **What is the chance that people cancel their flights and these tickets get sold out very quickly? I can’t imagine someone going to Phuket on an impulse trip for like 3-4 days, so maybe a “leftover” ticket wouldn’t be as expensive as they are right now?**

3. **Do you think the ticket prices will possibly get higher than 17,500-20,000 DKK (about 2500 USD, 2400 EUR)?**

Thank you very much in advance. I am checking prices on flights many times every day trying to solve this issue and it is causing us stress, sadly.

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