[Help needed] What should a female citizen of Thailand do if she is being held against her will in India?


I met this person online, and she has the following story

* came to India on a tour from Thailand more than 4 years ago
* couldn’t go back home due to Covid
* wasn’t able to receive help from her family back home because of financial struggles
* ended up working as an adult-provider to make ends meet in India
* got caught in a police raid at a hotel in 2021
* passport was seized by police – hasn’t been returned yet
* was held in jail for over a month
* Thailand embassy was of no help
* her adult-agency helped her get bail in exchange for a large sum of money
* had to borrow large amounts of money from loan sharks
* worked as an adult-provider to pay back the loans – has paid back more than 27 lakhs so far
* contacted various advocates & police – got scammed by all in exchange for adult-favors and money
* court is demanding 2 lakh Rs to release passport
* further has to pay hefty fines for overstaying in India since both her passport and visa have expired
* currently has access to a female advocate who has insrtructed her to arrange the 2 lakh Rs being demanded by the court

What is the best course of action for her? Is her new advocate scamming her too? Why the hell are courts demanding such high sums to release someone being held in the country against their will? Will online fundraising help? Will social media help?


I’ve verified the details, including the court orders and passport. I am not the victim – I’m a person who found her online and wants to help. There is no question of “me” getting scammed since I’m not doing anything for her accept helping her get legal advice.

Edit 2:

My goodness, people. Can you stop playing detective for a second, get off your high horse, and think of how to help a fellow human being?

All you have to do is think of and suggest the legal routes that she should try out.

You’re doing everything except that.

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