Army investigates mysterious disappearance of 200,000 litres of diesel in Saraburi

Picture courtesy of rawpixel, Freepik.

An ongoing probe is being conducted by the army headquarters into the mysterious disappearance of over 200,000 litres of diesel from the Ordnance Materiel Rebuild Center situated in Saraburi province last year, as disclosed by a representative of the army.

Deputy spokesperson of the army, Major General Sirichan Ngathong, stated that an internal army audit team noted potential irregularities in the usage of oil at an army unit in Saraburi province, and relayed this discovery to the army headquarters. A subsequent, more thorough investigation was ordered by the army headquarters, the results of which are still pending, she added, reported Bangkok Post.

The representative highlighted the standard procedure of the army to dispatch internal audit teams to monitor vital supplies such as oil, explosives, weapons, and ammunition across all army units…

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