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Ever heard of biting dolphins… Well, Japan has one

Well, this may come as a surprise! A dolphin in the Fukui region of Japan has left beachgoers all stunned and away from the beach. As per the authorities, an unhappy dolphin has been biting swimmers and over 10 such incidents have been reported till now! Officials have now urged visitors to “watch from afar” and “don’t go near” the beach. The attendants at the seafront have also put up a device that emits ultrasonic frequencies to repel the biting creature.

To make people aware, the authorities have also put up a warning sign, asking people not to touch the dolphin. The beach was officially opened for summer on July 9. According to local media, incidents involving dolphin bites have been recorded by beach attendants since its opening.

Fukui’s fire department has also recorded two incidents involving men in their 40s. Though the injuries are minor, local authorities…

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