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Devoted husband in Thailand keeps dead wife at home for 21 years, finally decides to cremate her, Asia News

For 21 years, this Thai man has been hiding a morbid secret — keeping his wife’s dead body inside a coffin in his home.

Throughout that period, this devoted husband slept beside the coffin where her body was kept, talking to her as if she was still alive.

Charn Janwatchakal, 72, said he kept her body around simply because he loves her very much.

And that he could not bear to be separated from his soulmate, reported Thai publication The Nation earlier this week.

His wife had died in 2001 from a brain aneurysm, reported Thaiger.

During the day, Charn would be with his cats and dogs in a small space beside the house but at night, he’d sleep beside his wife’s coffin.

He used to live in this house with his wife and two sons. But after she died and he decided to keep her body, the two sons moved out as they could not accept his decision.

It is unknown how her body…

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