Consumer Council to propose Bt20 maximum fare on Pink Line trains


The Consumer Council will propose that the cabinet cap train fares on the Pink Line at Bt20, instead of between Bt20 and Bt45, as will be proposed by the Ministry of Transport.

Saree Aongsomwang, secretary-general of the Consumer Council, said today that the fares, proposed by the Transport Ministry, are equivalent to those charged on the Yellow Line light train system, which are considered too high for the consumers given the high cost of living.

She claimed that a study, conducted by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, shows that the operating cost of the train services ranges from 11-13 baht per trip per person, while the study by the Department of Rail Transport shows that the operating cost during the 30-year contract is 14.31 baht per trip per person on the heavy rail system and 11.67 baht per trip per person on the light rail or monorail system.

Based on those studies,…

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