Chiang Mai: Thief arrested for stealing from temple caught in moral dilemma

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A 20 year old man was recently apprehended in Chiang Mai for stealing from a charity donation box at Jettiyanusorn temple, also known as Ban Yang Phra That temple, in Doi Saket. The suspect reportedly fled on a bicycle after the theft, which took place on November 8.

Upon his arrest, the man confessed to taking 200 baht in cash from the donation box, claiming it was an impulsive act driven by a momentary lapse in judgement. He was also reportedly preparing to apply for a position in the police force.

Despite the temple’s leniency and willingness to not press charges, the case was still pursued by the authorities due to its criminal nature. The suspect’s family attempted to intervene, appealing to the village headman to request the police to drop the case. However, since it was a criminal case, the police proceeded with the legal procedures and filed a…

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