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A symphony of flavours

It was a memorable evening at the “Orfali x Haoma” collaboration dinner.

The garden setting at Michelin-starred Haoma restaurant.

With an award-winning sustainable herb garden by Michelin-starred Haoma restaurant as the backdrop, Bangkok welcomed one of Dubai’s most celebrated homegrown chefs Mohammad Orfali for the first time.

Orfali’s contemporary Arabic cuisine creations such as black caviar with smetana on crispy seaweed; burghul salad on shiso leaves; Aleppo street bun with chilli pickles; and Wagyu beef shish barak gyoza were showcased in a 12-course special menu last week together with neo-Indian dishes by Haoma’s chef-patron Deepanker Khosla.

“The modernness and cultural heritage of [Mohammad Orfali’s] cuisine is in line with what we do in Haoma,” said Khosla, the venue host.

“Bangkok’s ever-growing culinary scene could do good with him coming and cooking…

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