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What’s happening in Thailand – My-Thai.org

In case you’ve been living under a rock and you haven’t heard what’s happening in Thailand right now, here’s a very quick rundown and links to sources that will keep you updated.


First of all, follow the above hashtag on all your social media channels. Hashtags associated with this one have been trending worldwide over the past few days and will quite likely continue to do so. Latest trends, happenings, and announcements can be found there.

What actually is happening though? Demonstrations. Lots of them. Every day. While it very often is portrayed as ‘the youth’ rising up it’s not only them though. However the young generation is clearly the driving force here as it is them that challenges the current status quo and if you know anything about Thailand you probably know that this is quite unheard of. As I don’t want to distort any information…

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