TikTok user introduces followers to Thai dish of golden orb spider (video)

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A TikTok personality, known as @tdploy, recently introduced her followers to an unusual dish, Golden Orb Spider from her native region.

The dish, Golden Orb Spider (แมงย่างซี้น), prepared from a large spider indigenous to Thailand, has sparked curiosity amongst her online community yesterday (November 17). Despite the creepy appearance, @tdploy assures that its taste is surprisingly delicious.

Nestled within the forest, @tdploy captured the process of hunting, capturing, and cooking the Golden Orb Spider. She walked her followers through the process: locating the spider’s nest with a stick, extracting the spider, washing it thoroughly, and finally, cooking it with salt, chilli, and garlic. She added a little water, then heated it until it was aromatic.

She assures her followers that despite the spider’s odd appearance, its…

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