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Spacecolon Toolset Fuels Global Surge in Scarab Ransomware Attacks

Aug 23, 2023THNRansomware / Malware

A malicious toolset dubbed Spacecolon is being deployed as part of an ongoing campaign to spread variants of the Scarab ransomware across victim organizations globally.

“It probably finds its way into victim organizations by its operators compromising vulnerable web servers or via brute forcing RDP credentials,” ESET security researcher Jakub Souček said in a detailed technical write-up published Tuesday.

The Slovak cybersecurity firm, which dubbed the threat actor CosmicBeetle, said the origins of the Spacecolon date back to May 2020. The highest concentration of victims has been detected in France, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and Turkey.

While the exact provenance of the adversary is unclear, several Spacecolon variants are said to contain Turkish strings, likely pointing to the involvement of a Turkish-speaking developer. There is…

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