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Man Robs and Torches 7-11 Store Escaping with US$30

Police in Northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai city report that a 7-11 store was robbed then torched at approximately 3 AM on Monday night. The robber held the store clerks at knifepoint before escaping with 1,000 baht (US$30).

Police in Chiang Mai city said that they have his image from CCTV cameras and his arrest is imminent.

According to two 7-11 clerks working at the store in Mae Taeng, this man had come into the store previously, looked around then left without purchasing anything. He returned around 3 am with a knife and threatened the two women clerks at knifepoint to give him money. He then forced the two store clerks into a storage room.

One of the clerks said that she panicked and ran outside screaming for help. The man then reached over the cash register and took 1,000 baht(US$30). He then doused the cash register with stove fuel and lit it on fire.

The police presume he was…

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