Kathin ceremony at Wat Sawang Arom draws thousands



Thousands flocked to the renowned Wat Sawang Arom in Nakhon Pathom province for the robust Kathin ceremony today. The event saw an overwhelming response, with a crowd of devotees and locals filling the temple grounds, arriving as early as dawn to offer Kathin trees in an act of merit-making.

The holy Kathin ceremony event was marked by an atmosphere of excitement and devotion, with thousands of people participating. The temple had set up a large dining hall to accommodate the large number of devotees.

More than 40 food stalls, set up by the temple’s disciples, offered a variety of food to the attendees, ensuring everyone was well-fed throughout the event.

Traffic stretched for almost 2 kilometres due to the influx of people, reflecting the popularity of the Kathin ceremony event. The Kathin procession, with a length of 1…

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