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“INSOMNIA” Musical art from “Sing Musikapong”

“INSOMNIA” Musical art from “Sing Musikaphong”, part of the music library that makes everyone miss

No matter how many years have passed, a man’s song called Singh Musikaphong Still engraved in the hearts of fans as always as a song. INSOMNIA (Insomnia) and telling about the thoughts of people who are so complex and incomprehensible that we are still stuck in a whirlpool of thought. On the other hand, if you just close your eyes and let your heart guide your thoughts, you might just find the answer. This is one of the music archives that Singh has left for everyone to think about and come back to life through his unique soundtrack, including a line guitar that only Sing can do, because in every sound. Listening to his songs, we will be able to listen to quality music that is not bored. No matter how long the time has passed, when you come back to listen, it is always a sound that fits every moment and that makes everyone fall in love. Love the song of Sing, which this song was perfectly tuned by Win Siriwong and The SQ Crew to be used for special projects We keep you Alive of ALIVE UNITED Creative space, photo and video Exclusive Online Gallery who would like to bring the sound of Singha’s music to tell through photos for the fans to listen to and think of this man, although today he may not have the opportunity to create new works listen, but still “INSOMNIA” let us remember him forever.

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By Win told about bringing the song of Sing to the new reign that “Bringing the song of Sing again is like opening a diary that Sing has written. Seeing his point of view from another perspective that even I myself rarely see that this brother of mine has such a deep and complex idea. which me and the team The SQ Crew I didn’t make a lot of adjustments to this song because Sing did it for a bit, so I didn’t do much other than adjusting this song to be more complete. And I believe that anyone who listens to this song will feel the thoughts of Sing conveyed through this song. In addition to listening with a good collie, I think listeners also get inspired in terms of the idea of ​​working if we are determined to do it even today you can’t. alive But the valuable work will remain forever.”

It can be said that it is another work that still maintains the beauty of Singh Musikaphong with “INSOMNIA(Insomnia) by Win Siriwong and The SQ Crew Got the way APPLE MUSIC / iTUNES / JOOX / TrueID Music / SPOTIFY Including watching music videos at YouTube : SPICYDISC Follow more news via www.facebook.com/SQWEEZ.ANIMAL or way www.facebook.com/Spicydiscrecord

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