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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

How to lose (and regain) points under Thailand’s new driving scheme

Points. Not just for Thai students and shoppers anymore. Drivers can now covet them as well under a new system that came into effect today to improve traffic safety and confuse people with unnecessary complexity.

Here are some details on how the new points-based system works.

Drivers start with 12 points and can lose one or more for doing stupid things like texting behind the wheel. Committing a violation that results in accidents or fines can cost up to four points.

Here are some of the more interesting offenses and how many points they cost:

One point: using a phone while driving, not wearing helmets or seatbelts, speeding, not waiting for pedestrians to cross, or not making way for ambulances.

Two points: running red lights and driving the wrong way. Three points: Getting into an accident because of exhaustion/impairment.

Four points: driving under the…

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