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How to Find The Right English Language School in Chiang Mai

There are many languages in the world, but English is by far the most influential spoken language worldwide. This is the main reason why most parents like to admit their children to English teaching institutions. However, choosing the right institution can be exhausting especially for foreigners. Many factors must be taken into account before admitting a child in an English language school in Thailand. Here, we have compiled a list with important information that you must check before enrolling your child in any school. These are guidelines on finding the right English language learning centre for your kid.

Availability of trained teachers and personnel

The quality of the teaching staff is something that should not be compromised. Teachers’ experience, academic qualifications, and passion are all very essential in providing quality lessons. A good institution must have strict guidelines on hiring staff with at least a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree from a well-known university, and that all the teaching staffs are CELTA certified.

Always strive to settle for a school that employs the best experts in their field of profession. All reputable English teaching institutions have tutors who focus on intensive and focused writing, Listening, and speaking skills. These institutions have special programs that equip their students with real-world communication opportunities and ensure that their students are capable of holding a meaningful conversation with their English teachers.

Location of the school

The institution must be in a convenient location for the students. It should be located away from city noise but also not too far away from a town. The best learning environment must be quiet and also nature friendly.

Programs and courses offered

Every student has a unique reason for learning English and the courses an institution offers must be able to capture this. Whether they are learning for English Test Preparation or Business English Courses, the varieties must suit the unique needs of the students. These programs must be tailored to fit the skills and goals of the students.

It is therefore mandatory for students to understand themselves first before enrolling for English Language Schools. They should be able to identify their goals and then find a school that can offer the type of language learning they desire.

Nationality and age mix

an English language school in Chiang Mai should have students from all over the world. This is crucial in learning and understanding other people’s cultures as it fosters and imparts discipline in learners. Learning with people from diverse backgrounds will make your studies more fun and interesting. In Thailand, Thai students stand to benefit more as they are able to interact and socialize with students from other countries.

The institution’s facilities and amenities

The institution should, in addition, offer other services that go beyond just learning. Any good school must have adequate resources for effective learning. These facilities include elevators, wheelchairs for challenged learners, culture trips, and other social activities that students enjoy away from the school perimeter.

The learning environment is constantly changing and being able to offer the best, these learning institutions must be able to keep up with the current latest trends in the learning field. Amenities like free Wi-Fi should be made available to students at all times.

Compare other essential services in different schools

It is good to do thorough research and have a comparison of essential services that various institutions offer. Some have been known to offer Visa Support for their students while others Assist in Flight and airport transfers.

The best English language schools also offer accommodation to their students. This is because most of the learners usually come from foreign nations, and choosing the institution is only one part of their worries. They usually need a place to stay as well. Make sure to ask everything you need to know so as to make an informed decision.

Final thoughts

There should always be value for money. All English Learning Schools are quite costly and getting the best will guarantee your success. Whichever institution you choose, always stick to communicating in English as there is a possibility of finding someone who speaks the same language as you.

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