Excise Department supports Move Forward Party’s Progressive Liquor Act

Photo by Paolo Bendandi on Unsplash

The deputy director-general of the Excise Department stated that the department’s liquor policy is in line with the Move Forward Party‘s Progressive Liquor Act. The proposed Act aims to liberalise liquor production, allowing both small and large producers to enter the market.

Kriengkrai Pattanaporn explained that the proposal is consistent with the department’s policy, and there would be no objections if the party forms a government and passes the law. Previously, liquor producers were categorised as either community producers or large producers. However, an amendment to ministerial regulations for liquor and beer production approved in November 2022 allows small enterprises to upgrade to medium-sized producers.

In Thailand, small manufacturers have a production rate of 5 horsepower (hp) or less, while medium-sized producers have a rate of…

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