Central Thailand: Prasat Bun Sathan Foundation honours preserved Golden Babies

Photo courtesy of Sanook

A ceremony was held today to honour eight Golden Babies and three adult bodies, all remarkably preserved, at the Phitsanulok‘s Prasat Bun Sathan Foundation.

This was part of their third ceremony for collecting and cremating unidentified bodies. The bodies were exhumed from 453 graves at the Khao Fah Cemetery.

The ceremony attracted many individuals who sought blessings, believed to be bestowed by the Golden Babies. Housed in glass boxes, these bodies were offered toys, snacks, milk, and red water. Some attendees reported seeing lucky numbers appearing on the babies’ foreheads, including 30-70-80-86-58-56.

The reporter spoke with 27 year old Metinee, who identified one of the Golden Babies as her son. She explained that her son was born on December 4, 2020, with a heart condition and passed away on January 8, 2021, aged just one month and four days.


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