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Canadian fined for rollerbeasting Bangkok traffic (Video)

A foreigner seen rollerblading like a demon through Bangkok traffic without protection was fined THB1,000 by police yesterday for obstructing traffic.

Lumphini police said the skater, Canadian national Jordan Joseph McIver, admitted that it was him shredding through the streets after he was confronted with CCTV footage.

They said McIver explained he was exercising and exploring the city, and had no idea such displays of extreme sports were against the law.

McIver has been seen skating at different locations in the capital, including through Phra Khanong late at night after heavy rainfall earlier this month. He has been seen powering through traffic faster than the vehicles around him, which he weaves through. 

His Bangkok blading went viral on social media Saturday, drawing criticism and concern from those who said it was unsafe given the quality of some…

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