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Breathe In. Breathe Out – At the Meditation Retreats in Thailand









Meditation is all about relaxation, reorganizing your thoughts, and gaining a deeper understanding of your mind. We all want to get out of the doom-gloom of 2020 after months of being in lockdown. The meditation retreats in Thailand are a perfect escape for you to rejuvenate. Indulge yourself in customized holistic packages with yoga & spas or opt for a silent retreat to attain peace through Buddhist philosophy. Meditate by the fresh breeze of the ocean or in nature’s den of Thailand to connect to your inner self. 

So, how do you want to relax your mind & soul? Luxury or Simplicity, Thailand has got you covered.

Luxurious Meditation Retreats in Thailand

Most of the luxurious wellness & spa retreats in Thailand are often nestled in the womb of nature, away from the city’s hustle-bustle. This allows you to seek peace & comfort as you take in a fresh breath of nature. 

Meditation can come in many forms and these retreats in Thailand give you the luxury of customizing your meditation package with private consultants. Escape from the stresses of life by indulging in activities like yoga, relaxing spas & massages in the midst of nature. You also have the option of altering your diets & switching to raw organic vegetables to detoxify your body. 

Many retreats with direct access to beaches encourage you to take a beachside walk for personal introspection and to reflect on your thoughts. You can also mediate by the beach as the fresh breeze passes by you or on the terrace decks where you are surrounded by the peaceful environment of nature. These retreats also keep a track of your sleeping cycle and arrange de-stressing programs to improve it.

These retreats also help in tackling emotional balance issues in groups as well as private sessions by consulting professional help. Get rid of all the negative energy through workout sessions with your personal trainer. Also try these sessions during sunset, so you get to exercise along a gorgeous view. Your personal trainer will guide you through all the activities in the retreat whether it’s yoga, meditation or exercise. 

Some of the luxurious retreats discuss your health prior to the bookings, to see what kind of holistic package you will suit you the most. It could be a mix of detox with stress management, weight management with sleep enhancement programs or just a fitness holiday to enjoy the luxurious yoga retreats. Imagine how relaxing it would be to meditate or do yoga around the lush landscape of Thailand? Have a few days of peace at these meditation retreats in Thailand untouched by the city’s hustle bustle.

You can also have a relaxing family vacation at these retreats, where the programs are tailored to everyone’s physical & emotional well-being. So, if your partner is interested in yoga and you are not, feel free to choose your choice of activity for optimum fitness & relaxation. 

For a healthy living, these luxurious meditation retreats in Thailand are truly a delight for your mental & physical health.









Buddhist Meditation Retreats

Buddhism is a key component to the identities of Thai People and they practice its principles to lead a longer, happier & peaceful life, and meditating is one of it. Meditation helps in calming your mind when you observe your deep mindful breaths. It helps you focus more and encourages you to have a more positive outlook on life. 

Buddhist meditation is also known as ‘Nang Samadhi’ in Thai Phrase. Almost all the monasteries in Thailand offer meditation courses but are far away from the luxurious meditation retreats style. These retreats refrain from the modern style yoga and detox activities. You will find yourself in between monks chanting the mantras and paying respect to Buddha by bowing down in these retreats.

If you choose to meditate at a Buddhist retreat, prepare yourself mentally to start an early day at 5 am. You may be asked to stay in lodges with groups divided by gender in some monasteries. The centers may also refrain you from eating till noon and you will be expected to wear non-revealing white clothes to respect the sanctity of Buddhism. Initially, the meditation sessions are short due to a lack of concentration. But over a period of time, you get into the rhythm of meditation, your daily chores as you imbibe the positive energy of the monastery and monks around you.

The pristine monasteries are architecturally beautiful, mostly surrounded in the midst of greenery. The peaceful environment of the monastery not only helps you focus on the meditation but it also awakens your spiritual side. The instructor in the retreat will guide you through the mantras of Pali scriptures and how it can help you. Chanting these mantras can help overcome the feeling of dissatisfaction & suffering in life. 

You can also go for a silent meditation where you close your eyes & observe your breath. The instructor will also familiarize you with a few principles of Buddhist meditation like concentration, mindfulness of breath, kindness, and personal introspection of thoughts. Meditating while keeping these concepts in mind can lead to enlightenment as it helps suppress the negative feelings in you.

You don’t need to make any advance bookings for enrolling in this course. You can join the retreat anytime you want. The practices in Buddhist meditation retreat in Thailand might sound tough, but it’s all worth it when you come back with a positive mindset. 










Thailand is not just about food, beaches & parties. Thailand is also a place where you can find peace & relax. These meditation retreats in Thailand take the approach of holistic healing techniques for better emotional understanding & attaining peace. Next time, when you are stressed out and need an escape, you know where to go to Breathe in, Breathe out!

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