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Monday, August 8, 2022

Bangkok’s underground music tribes take over the street at surprise Sunday shows

The show is about to begin. Its location is public. Its location is secret. Sound equipment and instruments are strewn about as musicians set things up. Their power supply is limited, so they hope the batteries don’t drain before all four bands finish playing.

Attendees were told the show starts at 3pm. 3pm becomes 4pm. 4 becomes 5. But the crowd gathered among the piles of gravel and refuse, some in folding chairs and some squatting on the sidewalk where they dodge occasional cyclists, seems unsurprised by this.

Soon enough, after a quick sound check, melodic strumming and booming drums signify the start of show.

This symbiotic community of underground musicians and fans with a love for new sounds and live music didn’t gather Sunday in an air conditioned venue or aloof nightclub. Instead, as they have done regularly since late last year, they turned an…

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