Looking for a high resolution, ultrasound in Bangkok (trying again)


After emailing, visiting and googling I’m coming up empty.

Responses to the emails I get range from “no “to its best talk to the doctor and see what the doctor wants you to do and yes we have it, but without seeing you, we recommend a MRI (which is way more expensive and not known to be as good for my issue).

I believe I could go to Bumrungrad or Bangkok hospital and probably find it there but I’m super wary because of how I’ve heard that they charge patients (is hidden costs and a high cost). (MedPark has it but they are the ones that want me to do the MRI instead, which is known to be less effective and much more expensive than an Untrasound for my nerve issue).

I’m wondering if anybody knows specifically about a (high-resolution) ultrasound machine to detect a nerve/neuroma issue in Bangkok.

Thank you in advance.

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