Worming trouble: Japanese man finds tapeworm after eating Thai-style raw meat

Photo via Facebook/ Health online by หมอเฉพาะทางโรคทางเดินอาหารและตับ

A Thai doctor issued a warning to both locals and foreigners after a Japanese man contracted a tapeworm from eating Thai-style raw meat dishes.

The doctor, Sukhumphan Kaocharoen, shared the story of his Japanese patient on the Facebook page Health Online by Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease Doctor, yesterday, November 15. The doctor said the Japanese patient informed him that he had diarrhoea and stomach upset after returning from Thailand.

According to the Japanese man, he noticed flat yellow pieces in his stool, which he suspected were parasites. He said he was also at risk of contracting parasites because he often ate raw meat in the Thai way on his trips to the Land of Smiles.

To prove his suspicion, the doctor did a blood test and found that…

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