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Travelling to Pattaya with family? Here are the top 20 kid-friendly spots

Perched upon a beach chair, imagine the sight of your children making sandcastles or running around in gay abandon while you sit back and unwind by a soothing landscape. 

Did we catch you in the middle of a reverie?

Traveling to Pattaya with family? Wondering how to make your vacation memorable and exciting? We got you! We’re sure the first sentence made you crave for a relaxing vacation with your family and kids. Pattaya in Thailand is one such destination that allows you to explore a bevy of destinations and sports with your family.


The vibrant coastal city of Pattaya is constantly brimming with life and energy. For the same reason, it attracts a variety of tourists to its shores. While some people visit this city to satiate their wanderlust, others plan a vacation here to break away from the humdrum of everyday life. This city is one of the most popular destinations in every…

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