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This catchy piece is from Tattoo color.


July 10, 2022 – 14:00

listen to music through the radio The waves turn on the love song. The more you love, the more you love, how deeply the love is broken, how sad it is. The more you turn on the bruised song, the more bruised, the more it reinforces your heart… Nowadays, everyone who plays tiktok should have heard this part often. With any opening song, when it opens, it’s still beautiful of Tattoo Color.

Today I would like to invite everyone to come and listen to the song again through this catchy part. Let me tell you that it’s full of emotions, beautiful meat, definitely like the people of Nua.

“No matter how many times I suffer, laugh, or satisfy my heart, how many times I still listen to the music Leave a lot of meaning. Whenever you turn on any song, it’s still beautiful.”

Whenever you turn on any song, it’s still beautiful – TATTOO COLOR

“Tell me you love me, love me, all lies.”

lie – Tattoo color

“Fah, if you don’t send it, give her a heart. Tell me a word. Why do they have to hurt each other?”

sky – Tattoo color

“Take her out to look prettier. Look at the beautiful sky again. You must have me, the person who loves you, not me. Who will it be?

You must have me – Tattoo color

“Midnight I came out and waited for you and said, Lan, La, Oh, Cinderella. I didn’t see you in time to say goodbye.”

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Cinderella – TATTOO COLOR

“I left the last chance. keep begging I can’t turn back time.”

Last Chance – Tattoo COLOR

“From today, I still don’t know what will happen. when we have to be far away I do everything In the end, she must go.”

Finally you have to go – TATTOO COLOR

“What is love at first sight, really? Is it because of you?”

love at first sight – TATTOO COLOR

There are still many good songs. Don’t forget to follow. Listen to Tattoo color song. For those who want to see other angles, I recommend it. Tattoo Color TV guaranteed fun Laughter is definitely jaw dropping.

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