“The era of advertising budget is over,” MD Rabbit’s Tale advises what brands have to say. let consumers want to hear


In the midst of a world where countless changes have occurred, but in the past 6-7 years, one of the major changes that affects the marketing communications circle is the way people receive messages. From traditional media (Traditional Media), a few television channels few newspapers to the consumption of digital media with more diverse channels But it seems that the behavior Consumer exposure won’t stop there. They are always looking for something newer. So now brands will communicate with Traditional and digital media may not be enough either.

How must marketing communications be adapted in order to expand the boundaries without ending up in aimlessly spreading advertising budgets? In an age where consumers are always looking for new experiences, what exactly do brands have to do next? What should effective marketing communications focus on? Will the creative spurt like it used to be able to continue?

P’C – Mr. Sakunaphak Chaipracha, Managing Director of Rabbit’s Tale Advertising Business Group (Rabbit’s Tale AD) It comes with the answer that many people are looking for.

The era of budgeting is over: Marketing communication in the new era requires knowledge and understanding and the right tools.

Is the consumption behavior of consumers constantly thirsty for new things really making it to the age of digital media saturation? Many people have this question on their minds. The Managing Director of Rabbit’s Tale Advertising Business Group clarifies that digital media will still play a big role. but if effective marketing communication Brands will no longer be able to communicate solely through digital media. But need a tool to set up a suitable and comprehensive communication strategy.

However, Mr. Xi stated that in general, when looking at it superficially Marketing communications through digital media and online platforms may seem easier for brands. Compared to the era when you had to pay 7-8 million baht per movie for commercials, now with a budget of 1 million baht, brands may get an online video. There is still a budget of 6-7 million left to buy online media in abundance.
But the main problem is that the brand has no way of knowing who the video on Online Media is reaching? real consumers Who is it and Does he have access to those videos? including other information That is useful, such as where consumers are interested in our products and services How do these people decide to buy?

Putting one video online can therefore be a one-way communication budget. Without the tools and understanding of today’s consumer behavior Including the brand paying to do research. With broad questions such as What is Branding? How about this advertising video? The sample group that did the research may not be the people who actually bought the products and services. Therefore, in the age of digital media, even the budget spending of many brands is reduced. You don’t have to spend the same budget on advertising movies.

But effective marketing communications aren’t about spending money on videos or running campaigns. But it requires knowledge and understanding and the right tools in order for brands to get the answers they want in return. Both in terms of knowing consumers in order to meet their needs comprehensively and to use the marketing communication budget in the most worthwhile way.

The right insight must come from real consumers. and real consumer insights Must come from?

Effective marketing communications come from accurate insights. Accurate insights come from using both creativity and technology to obtain consumer data. Khun C explains that data allows brands to get insights from real users of products and services. Many brands may not realize the importance of collecting data, which is a shame because data helps brands communicate marketing to the point and makes consumers want to listen to brands even more. Mr. Si threw back the question that if brands do not know who their consumers are. How do brands know that what we communicate is released to the right place at the right time and to the right people?

Khun Si gave an example of working with a condiment brand, although many brands already have giveaways. But a broad giveaway, such as a condiment brand, may have given out the same pan every month. Without ever knowing that consumers really want to use that pan or not? So instead of coming up with activities from nothing, Rabbit’s Tale AD thinks from actual consumer insights.

Starting from using Creativity to create online campaigns that attract consumers, then using technology to collect data from this activity, with data that has been systematically utilized, allowing brands to understand that during the past Covid-19, the Pain Point of the Consumption is the cost of raw materials that are more expensive. Brands also use insights that have been designed for prizes. Instead of cooking equipment as before, it has been adjusted to distribute raw materials, which meets the needs of consumers more directly.

Therefore, marketing communications that overlook the needs of consumers may not meet the needs as they should. It can be seen that when creativity is combined with the use of technology, in addition to the brand being able to meet the needs of consumers. It also helps brands know how to communicate so that consumers are willing to listen. Most importantly, using both creativity and technology with understanding also helps brands spend their budget worthwhile, precisely and precisely, knowing who to say what to say. and how to say No more spreading large budgets.

Today, the problem has changed: the new age of advertising is not just creative, but creativity must come with technology.

Since the problem has changed, advertising is no longer a one-way communication. But it has to both speak and listen to what consumers want. Managing Director of Rabbit’s Tale Advertising Business Group sees this as a major challenge. In the past, marketers were responsible for coming up with ideas and selling things alone might be enough. But now, how can we use creativity to entice consumers to see what we want to communicate until the end? And after watching it, how to make consumers willing to want Data as well?

In addition, the scope of sales has expanded more widely. Khun C, for example, if today there is an advertisement for soap In addition to releasing the video Workers need to think more carefully, such as having a link for consumers to buy products on the brand’s website, using KOL to help sell through affiliate marketing, etc. We must not end up selling products to brands. In an era where brands can send direct links to consumers today. What can we do to design a consumer experience? from beginning to end seamlessly and achieving maximum efficiency back to the brand

“Creativity is still the key. But if thinking about work from Creativity alone, it’s not different from talking alone. Consumers are no longer buying the idea of ​​one-way communication, so effective marketing communications have to know what to say, to whom, and how to say it in order to always get something measurable back to the brand.”

Technology and Data will therefore come in and help us go.

You can see how many viewers of our ad movie? How much does the movie bring consumers to the shopping platform? Which platform do consumers go to more? We can see that consumers have behaviors or are more connected to which platform, for example, this brand’s target group likes apps. More orange than other apps when there is a next campaign We can make communication more cost effective even choosing KOL or Influencer Technology and Data will help us see which one is suitable for the target group. or the best value for the brand
Marketing communication without understanding the use of technology and data can cause brands to miss the opportunity to know who consumers are and what they want. But if today the brand comes to Rabbit’s Tale, what we will do together is to design the experience from start to finish together. The brand will have consumer data stored. When the brand will launch the next campaign, data on who the consumer is, what they want, what kind of products and services they like. These insights will extend the next campaign to be more cost effective, more precise, including using creativity to hit more consumers.

Work from Data, Creative Idea, Strategy and Technology to become ‘TOP 3 Best Agency of the Year 2022’

In addition to using both Data, Creative Idea, Strategy and Technology to formulate a strategy to meet the needs of brands and consumers The work that connects these experiences together also creates pride as Rabbit’s Tale won the TOP 3 Best Agency of the Year 2022 from the “Adman Awards & Symposium 2022” event. Proud and rewarded in this year 2022 is a little but a lot. which the score that pushes Rabbit’s Tale Rising to No. 3 is the ‘Quality Time, Again’ video from the ‘Five Star’ brand that uses AI to process photos and create animations as if a deceased mother came back to eat with her daughter again. time even if it’s a single video but creates a great ripple effect in terms of scores and feedback from consumers The video was re-shared in large numbers. Mr. Si stressed that this small but very much comes from thinking through careful insights and merging creativity and technology together.

“Accurate Insights plus the use of technology It’s already very impactful. But the most important thing is that this video responds to what the brand wants to communicate, that is, wants everyone to go back and spend time with people at home. The video can convey and pass on the brand’s key message to come out completely and meet the needs of consumers.

It further proves that in addition to Creative Idea, but Data, Strategy and Technology play a huge part in the complete marketing communication. In addition to national work The SpikesAsia 2023 Asian Advertising Contest ‘Quality Time, Again’ also won Bronze in the Entertainment category and also made two shortlists in other categories.

Although the award is not a guarantee of success at all. But it illustrates that current marketing communications cannot focus on just one aspect. In the day when consumers are always looking for new experiences that meet their needs, comprehensive thinking is something that should not be overlooked.

because experience is the new normal Marketing communications must create a seamless experience.

In today’s marketing communication, it is important to create a comprehensive long-term experience for brands and consumers. Although brands can reach consumers through various channels more. But the important question is how to communicate marketing to connect hundreds of experiences seamlessly from beginning to end? And how can brands see the opportunity and make use of Data, Creative Idea, Strategy and Technology to connect the Customer Journey to its full potential?

Mr. C commented that currently less than 10% of brands design experiences and connect all customer journey tasks together. This is the challenge and it is the future, which Khun C sees that will eventually become normal in the marketing communications industry.

It is not surprising that experience agencies become an important solution for brands by Rabbit’s Tale Advertising Business Group as part of Rabbit’s Tale Therefore able to coordinate with the affiliated Business Group to meet the needs of the brand to strategize to create a comprehensive experience in one place Instead of brands having to discuss Advertising, PR, Data, CX Solutions with multiple agencies and finding ways to connect, measure, from different places, where Rabbit’s Tale Experience Agency It will help shorten the time and facilitate the connection to be more perfect at every touch point in the customer journey that brands have to meet with consumers.

At this juncture, digital-like media will begin to saturate. Products and services are no longer offered solely through commercials. when the question changes Both brands and marketing communication workers can’t use the same equation. To solve problems and meet the needs of brands and consumers again. The main thing that Marketing people must always be aware of may be the Managing Director of Rabbit’s Tale Advertising Business Group Said how good will it be? If we can design a journey for brands to communicate what they want to say. But consumers want to listen at the same time. Creating a seamless experience through creativity and technology is a must go hand in hand.