‘The Crown’ concludes with Diana’s death


LONDON – Netflix’s acclaimed series “The Crown” chronicling the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, draws to a close from Thursday, focusing on a subject still highly sensitive to the British monarchy — the death of Princess Diana.

The sixth and final season of the award-winning but often-criticised show created by Peter Morgan is being released in two parts.

The first five episodes will premiere on Thursday, followed by the final five on Dec 14, culminating 60 hours of narrative that began in 2016.

The drama covers the late queen’s journey from her 1947 marriage to Philip up to the early 2000s introduction of Kate Middleton, the current Princess of Wales.

This season depicts the final weeks of Princess Diana’s life, following her tumultuous divorce from the now King Charles III, leading up to her tragic demise on Aug 31, 1997.

Pursued by paparazzi, the BMW carrying Diana…

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