Thailand’s proposal to tax foreign income next year could end up in court

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has instructed the Revenue Department to fill its coffers to help pay for the government’s populist policies.

A former chairman of Baker McKenzie, the influential legal services firm based in Bangkok, has suggested that the controversial Thai Revenue announcement could be contested in court. Kitipong Urapeepattanapong, as reported in Thai Examiner, said that the Revenue was reinterpreting an existing code which has been in operation for 38 years. It is neither a law nor an administrative or ministerial regulation and could well be challenged in court with a good chance of success. He argued that a new law or a royal decree was necessary in these circumstances.

The Revenue last September issued a decree that, starting in January 2024, tax must be paid on income brought in from abroad from another jurisdiction no matter when the cash was generated….

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