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Thai-Indian Theatre Club Staged the Epic Drama, Ram Lalla Ghar Aaye, in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand-

25 Jan 2024, Bangkok, Thailand – On the auspicious occasion of the grand opening of the Shree Ram Temple in Ayodhya on 22nd Jan 2024, the Thai-Indian Theatre Club showcased the captivating drama “Ram Lalla Ghar Aaye” in a spectacular performance in Bangkok.

This theatrical production, held in Bangkok, brought together the richness of cultural storytelling and artistic expression of Ramayana. The play, produced by Sanjay Kumar, founder of Thai-Indian Theatre Club along with the 15 members of the management committee led by Program Head, Mrs. Kausalya Kanaga Sabapathy and directed by the talented Master Nareen Nayathi, unfolded the timeless tale of Ram Lalla’s divine arrival, captivating the audience with its emotional depth and artistic brilliance.More than 100 local artists performed in the various activities of the grand celebration,

The other cultural performances included Shree Ram Bhajan, devotional group dances and a costume presentation by small kids on the theme, “Mythical Threads: Portrayal of Ramayana”. The event drew a diverse audience of approximately 300 attendees, including local dignitaries, cultural enthusiasts, and community members.The event was widely supported by the prominent members of the business community and associations of Indian diaspora in Thailand.

The celebration was attended by the following dignitaries and guests:

– Prof. Dr. M.L.Sontornchai Jayangkula, Former Secretariat of the Government House
– H.E. Chutintorn Sam Gongsakdi, Senior Thai Diplomat and Former Ambassador of Thailand to India and Singapore
– Mr. Sorravee Ratchapitaktirada, Honorary Advisor Attached to the Budget Commissioner, Senate of Thailand
– Mr. Armindo Simoes, Counsellor, Embassy of East Timor, Thailand
– Mr. Joao Evangelista, Third Secretary, Embassy of East Timor,Thailand
– Mr. Vipul Pawar, Head of Chancery, Embassy of India,Thailand
– Mr. K.C. Agrawal, CEO, Siam Shine Star Group
– Dr. Akhil Kala, CEO, Brasten Group
– Mr. Sunil Kothari, CEO and MD, Flawless Co, Ltd.
– Mr. Pawan Mishra, CEO and Editor, Indo-Thai News

Established in 2019, the Thai-Indian Theatre Club is a vibrant community-driven cultural platform dedicated to showcasing and nurturing local talent in Thailand. The club plays a pivotal role in fostering cultural relations between India and Thailand through engaging and immersive theatrical and performing arts activities.

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