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“Thai Civilized” invades Trang

“Thai Sri Wilai” invaded Trang Bus Terminal. There was a problem that the van driver was not ready to change to a micro bus. and the problem of tourists coming to Trang Noi

Petition 2 ministries ‘Transport-Tourism’ hurry to discuss and resolve before dissolving the parliament Ready to reiterate the grassroots injection policy to revive the economy, 150,000 baht/household and raised the policy of raw rubber sheet not less than 80 baht/kg, palm bunch price 7.5 baht/kg

Reporters reported that on February 7, 2023, Mr. Mongkolkit Suksintaranon Member of the list of MPs and leader of the Thai Civilized Party, along with Ms. Phakor Chanchana – Lieutenant General Asawin Ratchadanon – Mr. Wiwat Charoen Panichsiri Deputy Leader of the Party, Mr. Sorakrit Chantarakana, Party Spokesperson, Ms. Orsasiphat Mameketurat, Spokesman for Mongkolkit, Miss Nattaphat Worathan Phasuk, Deputy Spokesperson of the Party

, Miss Kanittharin Patcharapakdeechot, Deputy Spokesperson of the Party, Ms. Kritsayakon Sorachai, Assistant Party Treasurer, Mr. Anurak Amorn Mettajit Assistant Secretary-General of the Party, Dr. Anawat Srikhamngern, Party Executive Director, Mr. Adisorn Sangchan, Party Executive Director, went to Trang Province to meet and publicize the policies of the Thai Civilized Party to the people. for consideration in the upcoming election of MPs in the near future

Mr. Mongkolkit said that he and his group met with the people of Trang Province. starting from Trang Bus Terminal (Trang Bus Station) talked to a tour bus driver. Win motorcycles, passengers, van drivers for hire Almost all of them discussed the problem of very few tourists

Although there are many famous tourist attractions such as the old buildings of Trang within the municipality of Trang, Pak Meng Beach, Kantang Railway Station. There are many restaurants that invite people to eat 9 meals like Trang people. There are beautiful seas, very clean, and there are 7 famous islands such as Koh Kradan, Koh Lao Liang, Koh Chueak, Koh Ngai, Koh Mook and Koh Libong. Koh Takiang, etc., resulting in a lack of additional income to circulate the economy within the province.

Especially van drivers, besides their income has decreased. There are also problems that come from the Ministry of Transport. which requires public hire vans over 10 years old to be changed to microbuses Which now the van driver is in trouble, so it has been extended to 15 years, but the Ministry of Transport gives only 12 years, which is now due. Causing the driver of the van to feel agitated I don’t know what the future will be like. afraid to drive will become illegal despite the fact that they want to legalize in order to earn money comfortably Don’t be as suspicious as you are right now.

Mr. Mongkolkit continued that in the evening he walked the Kuan Pring cold storage market and the Center Point market. Which the shopping atmosphere of the people is in accordance with the current conditions Unlike in the previous period where there was hustle and bustle for both buyers and sellers. because people in Trang have less purchasing power Almost every household has debt.

Therefore, the important policy of the Thai Civilized Party is the grassroots injection policy to revive the economy, 150,000 baht/household. This will greatly help domestic purchasing power. agriculture Trang people work on palm rubber plantations, where the price of raw sheet rubber is only 45 baht/kg, palm price is only 4.5 baht/kg, the price is not good because the cost of palm rubber plantation mainly depends on labor and fertilizer costs. There is a policy to set factory prices, buy directly from farmers.

The price of raw rubber sheet is not less than 80 baht/kg, palm bunch price is 7.5 baht/kg, and the selling price is determined after processing. The high cost of fertilizer is the main factor because it monopolizes the fertilizer magnate market. Thai Civilized Party Policy will support revolving money for district agricultural cooperatives to fund making organic fertilizers or import some to sell directly to farmers at cost price It will reduce the cost of fertilizer by more than 70%.

For the tourism Because Trang province has both natural attractions. history And most importantly, it has outstanding food soft power. Especially Trang roasted pork, coffee – dim sum and fresh seafood that is as delicious as other places, which the party will push to promote tourism urgently.

by increasing food tourism activities There may be a certificate given to people who can eat the province’s food for 9 meals in order to impress tourists, for example, to generate more money into the province. from public drivers restaurant owner until the villagers in the province To revive the economy and liveliness for the people of Trang province sustainably as well

“I have always commented publicly that Tourism is one of the four economic engines of Thailand. which has made nearly 1 trillion baht in revenue over the past several years, but today, me and the Thai Civilized Party Instead, I saw a problem with a small nut. back out of the touring machine because he saw the suffering of his brothers Public drivers, which are considered the first checkpoint for tourists to use the service to have a difficult living situation because in addition to having to face the problem of various expenses also fear that One fine day, it may be taken by the transportation officers according to the law. cause lack of income and may lose history

In addition, tourism in Trang Province is currently in a condition unlike in the past because people are still in a condition that does not dare to spend money. because I was worried that May experience another economic crisis, including measures called ‘We travel together’ instead creates difficulties in exercising the rights of entrepreneurs and tourists. Therefore, both of these problems are regarded as matters of 2 ministries, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. must discuss and happen that the two ministries There are ministers from the same political party. with the intention that in this upcoming election Must drive piles as much as possible.

Therefore, I ask to accept the problem of the people. that I met today Let’s hurry up and consider before the parliament is dissolved. In order to bring the tourism engine back to full capacity to generate money to distribute income to local residents and the nation will have money to allocate various policies. that the Thai Civilized Party intends to accomplish as well, ”said Mr. Mongkolkit.

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