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Teacher’s assailant claims he was attacked first

A 38-year-old man, accused of attacking a female teacher at a school in Chiang Rai province on Saturday, has told the police that he acted in self-defence, claiming that the teacher attacked him first.

The teacher, “Acharaporn”, suffered numerous cuts and broken ribs in the attack. The incident occurred while the teacher was on a weekend shift at the school.

Suspect “Nirun” stated that he was hired to prune trees at Banpong School in Muang district, adding “Normally, before starting the job, I notify the school principal and a teacher named “Oh”. On that day, however, I encountered a teacher whom I did not know by name and had never met before.’

Nirun claimed that, as he approached the teacher to inform her about being hired to prune trees, a plastic gun accidentally fell out of his pocket. Upon seeing this, the teacher assumed that he would attack her, prompting her…

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