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Swiss man waits at home for his Thai wife feared murdered

Missing Wife Drama Unfolds: Swiss man awaits his wife’s return amid lake search by police. Thai wife’s gambling habit and debts fuel the mystery. Tensions rise in Nakhon Ratchasima as the mood and picture becomes darker day by day since she vanished.

A 53-year-old Swiss man in Nakhon Ratchasima has taken shelter at home as speculation mounts on the fate of his wife who vanished on January 8. As police carried out searches in a local lake over the weekend, a friend of the foreigner told the media that the man still hopes his wife will return. At the same time, her husband, Mr Roland, insisted that his wife fled due to gambling debts. The couple had moved to Thailand from Switzerland in 2022, the year following the death of his wife’s first husband. The latter had bequeathed her ฿13 million.

46-year-old Orathai Posee-ngarm was last seen alive on January 8, the day she argued with her Swiss husband. Afterwards, he left for Pattaya but his wife has not been seen since. Her motorbike was found abandoned nearby on January 10.

Tensions are rising in Nakhon Ratchasima as a European husband waits for his Thai wife who went missing nearly three weeks ago.

The European, known as Mr Roland, at this time, is staying inside the couple’s home as concern for his wife grows.

The property is situated in Ban Khok Kwan in Tambon Cha Liang of Nakhon Ratchasima.

Divers initiated a search of a nearby lake on Sunday for Orathai Posee-ngarm.

The 46-year-old Thai woman went missing after a heated argument with her Swiss husband. 

Police searched a nearby lake last weekend after forensic tests on an abandoned motorbike, found on January 10, turned up blank. Family suspect foul play

Afterwards, the focus turned to a lake near her home. Police and locals likewise suspect foul play in her disappearance.

Orathai inherited ฿13 million from her first Swiss husband when he died in 2021. The pair moved to Thailand and Nakhon Ratchasima in 2022. 

Significantly, police have learned his younger Thai wife vanished after a marital spat with her current spouse.

According to her sister, Thidarat Posee-ngarm, Orathai was visibly upset following the January 8 altercation with her 53-year-old husband. She said her sister was found crying outside the home following the incident.

The husband drove to Pattaya alone on January 9. Afterwards, when contacted about Orathai’s whereabouts, he claimed she had gone out to play cards.

Concerns further escalated when her motorcycle was discovered abandoned on January 10. In short, it led to a missing person report.

Divers commenced the search after earlier enquiries yielded no evidence. In particular, an examination of Ms Orathai’s motorbike, which was scoured forensically by police desperate for clues. The Thai woman’s family suspect foul play. 

Police quiz seven people including her husband. At this point, fears are mounting that the 46-year-old woman has been murdered and her body disposed of

Moreover, they now believe she may have been murdered.

At length, these fears led police to search for her body in the lake. Police Chief, Police Colonel Noppadon Chuayboon confirmed to reporters that seven individuals, so far, have been questioned. These include Orathai’s husband and a friend in Pattaya.

Orathai’s Swiss husband explained the dispute stemmed from his trip to Pattaya to visit a friend with cancer.

He expressed deep concern for his missing wife. At the same time, he maintains hope for her return despite the family’s growing apprehension.

The case took a twist in recent days. Reporters spoke with Chai Tawanmai, a close friend of Roland. In brief, he revealed that the husband is confident his wife is not dead but rather in ‘exile’ due to a gambling-related issue. 

Significantly, Roland disclosed that he scolded Orathai for losing money on gambling. This was a repeated basis for arguments.

Despite the suspicions of villagers, Roland insisted his wife left on her own accord. In short, he claims he is unaware of her current location.

Swiss man waits at home for his missing wife

In a conversation with Mr Chai, the Swiss national expressed his uncertainty about where to look for his missing wife. Instead, he has opted to await her return. 

He dismissed claims of his involvement in her disappearance. He emphatically still believes his wife fled due to gambling debts.

The search continues as divers explore the lake. Meanwhile, investigators are delving deeper into the mysterious circumstances surrounding Orathai Posee-ngarm’s puzzling vanishing act.

As the investigation unfolds, the community is increasingly on edge. Her family and friends find the uncertainty over Orathai’s fate hard to bear. In the meantime, the pressure is also being felt by her husband as the mood grows darker.

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