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Shocking forced marriage of teacher sparks controversy in India

A shocking incident has unfolded in Patna, the capital city of Bihar, India, where a newly qualified teacher was abducted by an armed gang of four from his school on November 29. The gang forced him to marry the daughter of one of the perpetrators within 24 hours, adhering to local marriage customs.

The disappearance of Gautham Kumar resulted in his family blocking the roads in protest the same night. They reported that he had been brutally beaten as he initially resisted the wedding. Despite the forced situation, he ultimately ended up marrying a woman he had not chosen. This led to multiple investigations by the police, who are still persistently pursuing the kidnappers.

The release of the newlywed couple’s photos on social media sparked instant and heated discussion. The bride was noticed for her striking beauty, but this could not erase the fact that the actions of her father…

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