Science has the answer: Why does the “psychic palm” treat only pain and visual symptoms?


Asst. Prof. Dr. Surat explains why the “Psychic Palm” is scientifically based and only treats pain and visual symptoms.

On November 16, 2023, it was reported that Asst. Prof. Dr. Surat Tanprawet, a brain and nervous system specialist, posted a message via personal Facebook explaining the matter “Psychic Palm” of a famous teacher on social media in terms of science

By stating the message, “Why can Ajahn Ek’s psychic palms only treat pain and visual symptoms?” They don’t go to get treatment for cancer, skin disease, paralysis. It’s easy to explain because these two symptoms are felt by rubbing your hand, touching them and stepping on them. There’s a lot of placebo effect.

The teacher studied the history of medicine. In the past, Westerners had them. Treatment that uses the placebo effect but does not use scientific principles, called Quackery medicine, sometimes uses electric shock. Knocking things on things or using strange substances, even some people in homeopathy eat their own urine.

Explain why Acharn Aek uses only vision treatment. and relieve pain

1. Placebo effect is a placebo phenomenon. When the patient received a pill that was actually just powder. Or an action against a patient who has no real treatment, called sham. It will be the body’s response to the sham treatment. Let the body heal itself

2. This type of pseudo-treatment Medically, we know that The brain releases chemicals such as endophine and dopamine to temporarily heal itself.

3. Symptoms that respond like this placebo It is a symptom of the most sensory nerves, including the sensation of pain (pain) and the perception of images. Including vision (visual perception) because the body secretes its own natural analgesic effect.

There is research that takes blind and visually impaired people to do training that has no real scientific results. Found that vision can feel better But it won’t be much. And it’s not permanent.

Headaches, muscle aches, even worse, tapping a needle on the skin is a sham treatment. Pain will improve by 30%.

And if you want to do an experiment to see if Achan Ek really has a psychic palm or not. We have to enter into a scientific experiment, not by having people sit down and then having the teacher brush their hands around in the general way. Do it like this: double blind placebo controlled trial, double blind research.

1. Take two people with the same level of pain and sit and measure their pain levels.

2. Put a cloth over the patient’s eyes. In order not to know which person is Acharn Aek

3. Take Acharn Ek, Angel’s Palm, and a normal person, rub both of them at the same time, and turn on the sound, baht, baht from the recorded sound.

4. Open your eyes to measure your pain level again.

Do this with a group of 20 people and you’ll know if it’s real or not, so it won’t be a source of credulity.