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Sad! Burning rice stubble hopes to be fertilizer returned to being knocked out in the rice field

Sad! Burning rice stubble hopes to be fertilizer returned to being knocked out in the rice field The Prime Minister pointed out that he had campaigned intensely. Preparing to help neighboring sugar cane farms that have been affected

On March 15, Pol. Col. Chamras Siriliang, Superintendent of Ban Dan Police Station, Ban Dan District, Buriram Province, received a notification from villagers that rice fields and sugarcane fields were burning. And the fire burned the old woman to death in the middle of the rice field, Ban Pradu, Prasat Sub-district, Ban Dan District, Buriram Province, so they went out to inspect. Ready to coordinate with the Sawang Janya Tham rescue unit and doctors on duty at Ban Dan Hospital joined the autopsy

The scene was a rice field in the border area of ​​Wang Nua Subdistrict, Prasat Subdistrict, Ban Dan District and Nong Yai Subdistrict, Satuk District, 5 km from Pradu Village. Castle municipal fire truck hastened to suppress the fire so as not to spread further

300 meters from the road, found the body of Mrs. Thong Yongram, 73 years old, wearing a bra and sarong. There were traces of burns all over his body. lying on his side died

Ask Mrs. Chian Phrombut, 63 years old, the deceased’s sister, said that at 10:00 a.m., she and her sister were deceased and their husbands, including 3 people, would set fire to the stubble of rice stubble to relieve relief. by planning to stand in different spots and start igniting together Let each one watch out so that it doesn’t spread far. especially the adjacent sugarcane fields while the fire was burning A gust of wind came in and changed direction causing the fire to spread rapidly. The three could not see each other until the fire began to calm. Came to find that my sister had died. admit that panicking has never been encountered before

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Mr. Thueng Phrombut, 66, the deceased brother-in-law, said he had a duty on the side of the villagers’ sugarcane fields. prevent fire spread But admitted that the wind was strong and spun back and forth. remove At that time, he admitted that the smoke was cloudy and he could not see anything. I only saw my wife’s sister running away as if to escape. So he ran through the sugarcane forest to find a way to help. But in the end My wife has passed away.

Sanya Chanwiset, Wang Nuea Subdistrict Administrator, Buriram Province, said that the 3 sub-districts are close to each other. Villagers will do various kinds of agriculture. There are both cassava, rice and sugar cane. In the past, the leaders of the 3 sub-districts have joined forces to campaign against villagers setting fire to the stubble of rice and sugar cane. In order not to cause the toxic dust that is going to be severe now

especially the Buriram Sugar Factory even warned the burnt sugarcane not to buy it without a sufficient reason causing farmers to not dare to burn sugar cane But this time, the owner of the sugarcane plantation seems to be unimaginable. admitted that he was sorry for his deceased relatives and pity the sugar cane of the farmers next door Still do not know if the sugar factory will buy or not. If the sugar factory refuses to buy sugar cane from this farm It is expected that about 3-5 rai of fire has burned down. The box is sold as fresh sugar. in order to alleviate suffering on both sides And would like to warn farmers who want to burn rice stubble that it is not worth it. Instead of getting fertilizer from rice stubble come back to lose all life

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