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Record numbers of Russian tourists affect economy

PHOTO: Russians are flocking to Thailand and having a major impact on economies, for better or for worse. (via Poly Digital Marketing)

Thailand has seen a sharp rise in the number of Russian tourists in the country. So far this year over 370,000 Russian visitors have arrived in Thailand. That’s 67% of last year’s entire total of 435,000. Pol Maj Gen Phanthana Nutchanart, the deputy commander of the Immigration Bureau assures though that the influx has not increased Russian criminal activity.

The official stated that there has been no indication of any Russians sneaking into the country through illegal channels. They also say hardened criminals are not making it into Thailand, just well-off vacationers.

“There are those who have been convicted for petty offences, such as shoplifting and traffic violations, but they are not that big a problem. Those with serious criminal…

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