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Reading towards success

A life jacket to prevent children from getting lost in Tatu And Patu’s Mad Machines. Photos: Nava Publishing

A morning machine that helps you get ready, a life jacket to prevent you from getting lost, and a puddle-making machine are all imaginative inventions that appear in Finnish children’s book Tatu And Patu’s Mad Machines, which forms part of the well-known Tatu And Patu book series by authors Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen. The two main characters in the book, Tatu and Patu, are creative and like to invent gadgets to solve problems in their everyday life.

“The Tatu and Patu book collection showcases creativity and how to move forward by problem-solving and having fun through both successful or unsuccessful experiments. All of these are good characteristics for people to have in the…

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