Questions About Preparation to Teach In Thailand


Hello All,

I am seeking guidance on teaching ESL in Thailand. I studied abroad in Thailand 10 years ago and returned to teach English for a year at a school in Bangkok after earning a bachelors degree in Social Studies. I want to return long term. I now possess a state issued standard teaching certificate in the United States and have 2 years experience teaching ESL at a k-8 public school. I also have a TESOL certificate and an ESL teaching certificate from my state university. I am in my early 30s and live in the midwest of the United States.

My main question is what salary is commensurate with my experience? I made 25k Baht with housing and benefits last time I was there but that seems very low now that I have some perspective. I have been searching []( but it seems like most positions with a decent salary require a degree in education.

I am also open to living anywhere in country as I have traveled extensively throughout the region and find almost all provincial cities acceptable. I am single and do not plan on having a family, down to earth, understand and enjoy Thai culture, have a growing proficiency in Thai language, and require very little in terms of comfort.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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