Police free woman imprisoned by lesbian lover after a row


Police last night freed a woman imprisoned by her lesbian lover after a tempestuous row in Buri Ram. The captive woman said she does not want to press charges against her emotionally charged girlfriend.

Police were alerted to the confined woman’s predicament by a neighbour yesterday and a patrol car was sent to the building where she was imprisoned at 5pm.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found the victim standing behind bars, which were secured with a chain and a padlock. The front entry gate was also double-locked, reported Bangkok Post.

According to the 31 year old woman, identified only as Yui, she had been locked inside by her lesbian lover, who had left for Udon Thani after a quarrel earlier in the day. Her partner reportedly told her that she would be away for four days, and suggested that Yui use the fresh food available in the restaurant building to cook for…

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