Over 7,000 Russians in Phuket apply for visa extensions


Over 7,000 Russians in Phuket are applying for visa extensions in a bid to stay in Thailand. Local immigration chief, Thanet Sukchai, says the great weather is one factor in their attempts to stay.

“Phuket is a nice place to visit with delicious food and good weather. As word has spread about the island, Russian tourists keep coming to the province.”

“Many obtain visas to stay on the island for three months or not more than 90 days. There are also Russian business operators holding business visas. Russian nationals stay mostly in tambon Rawai and tambon Chalong.”

According to the Bangkok Post, Thanet says a total of 7,596 Russian nationals are seeking to extend their stays, mostly in Muang, Thalang and Kathu districts.

An average of 300,000 foreigners enter the island per month, with that number continuing to rise in lieu of the Covid-19 pandemic being considered mostly…

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