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Noppadon advises the government not to worry Someone created a problem during APEC, insisting that Thai people know their duty

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9 Aug. 2022 10:29 a.m.

Noppadon, former foreign minister, suggested government don’t worry Someone created a problem during the APEC meeting pointing out that Thai people know their duties well. Ask the government to use the forum to restore dignity and the potential of Thai trade and investment

On August 9th, Mr.Noppadon Pattama Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Mentioned the government’s attitude to ask the Thai people to be good hosts. And do not damage the nation during the APEC meeting at the end of this year that He believed that Thai people were ready to be a good host regardless of the government at that time. And probably no one will do anything in such a period of time. So I don’t want the government to worry too much. But what people expect from the government is to use their potential as a host. How will the meeting be successful? What grade did you get? just pass or excellent which can be seen from Preparation and execution of administrative matters and the content of the meeting that What conclusions are useful? effective in practice especially in the most challenging conditions the world has ever seen. both politically and globally war in ukraine inflation problem international trade And tensions in the Asian region asked that Thailand as the host of this APEC meeting will be able to restore the country’s prestige. as well as to make this meeting help resolve easing global trade and investment problems Consequences of the war in Europe and will help build stability and stability in the Asian region. how

“This APEC meeting is at a pivotal moment in world history. and Thailand as the host is considered have an important mission And the success of the meeting will partly come from the potential of the chairman of the meeting. And this will once again be the public expectation of the potential of governments and leaders to host this important meeting. Don’t worry about external factors other person Should be concerned about internal factors about the potential of the government itself” Mr. Noppadon said…

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