Evolve : Adapting To Sustain Longevity


    ????????Dear friends of Bangkok Advanced, ????????

    This year, During Lockdown, a silly question stuck in head. It was…

    What would you like to evolve from where you are right now❓

    Developing fearless public speaking skill is a goal for many of us. ????

    That’s what came to mind during this lockdown. ????????

    Communication helps to improve better relationship within yourself, helps to stand in front of your peers and communicate with confidence, more so communication pushes you to sustain and grow in your life. ????

    On that note, ⏱on 6th of October, Wednesday,⏱ apart from the upcoming speeches, Toastmaster of the Day, Sinz guide us to this wonderful topic on Evolve : Adapting to Sustain Longevity.


    ** This is an online meeting. Join us via Zoom ** ✨✨ 

    Topic: “Evolve : Adapting To Sustain Longevity.”

    When: Wednesday, October 6, 6.30-8.30 PM

    Plus you’ll gain…
    – Analytical thinking: Connect the dots to produce moments of realization.
    – Confidence: Learn how to gain the skill of self-confidence through public speaking.
    – Public speaking: Learn to speak to a live audience and sharpen your delivery.
    – Fun: We take fun seriously at Bangkok Advanced! 
    You are welcome to join us! ????

    To register: 

    * Register here: https://forms.gle/URvcXG7KWrkBoE1q9  
    * WHEN: Wednesday, October 06, 6.30-8.30PM.
    * HOW MUCH: ฿100 

    Your contributions help us cover our meeting equipment and Zoom Pro account.


    October 6


    06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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