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Marketing in Thailand as a Foreigner: Volume #2.2 Ad Campaign Crossroad: Global Materials vs. The New Investment

Sometimes, It’s Okay to Wear Socks and Sandals

Foreign marketers sometimes need to be bold enough to wear socks and sandals in a tropical country like Thailand to stand out. If you wonder why: READ HERE. I have no space for rewriting all this; otherwise, you would think this article is too long, but it is already long enough that I have to separate this volume into 2 parts.

Volume#2.2: Ad Campaign Crossroad: Global Materials vs. The New Investment PART 2

In the last article, I discussed the most basic yet essential criterion if you should follow your marketer instinct to invest in new localised materials or use the already existing global materials. I highly recommend you read or re-read it to make sense of my other checklist in this article!

2nd Factor: Are Your Products Uniquely Functional Enough on their Own?

If a product could sell on its own due to unique functionality,…

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