Is it worth starting phi phi day trip around 5am?


We’re a family in Phuket for 7 nights starting next Friday. We’re planning to do the standard phi phi Island day trip on one of the days. I read somewhere that the operators do an early morning start to avoid peak rush. They start like 4 or 5am and return by 2-3pm avoiding most groups that start around 8am. My questions are:

1. Is it worth making an early start?
2. Is it fairly easy to find such an operator in Phuket? We’ve not made any bookings yet and are planning to do it in person once in Phuket.

Separate question. We’re traveling with our 4 year old daughter. Planning to take her to the lion/ tiger safari, fantasea and the aquarium near old town. Are these fun places for children and is there anywhere else we can take her to
Thanks for your responses

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