Investigation ordered into Chinese beggars in Bangkok


Social Development and Human Security Minister Varawut Silpa-archa has ordered an urgent investigation into the presence of numerous Chinese beggars in Bangkok, to uncover whether international human trafficking is involved.

Citing one female beggar, the minister said “The matter could become a sensitive and international issue as the female beggar is Chinese, therefore, investigators have to find out whether she is being exploited.”

He said that he had been informed that, previously, when Chinese beggars have been arrested, there was a Thai female who told police that she was a translator and then tried to secure their freedom by offering bribes.

The presence of the Chinese beggars came to light after an activist, known as Kan Chompalang, led police to arrest the female beggar and five others asking for money in front of a Pinklao shopping complex during the weekend.

The female…

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