How empowering girls and women through sport and information will benefit the economy


On the lack of access to information 

“It’s often said: we must democratise this or democratise that. But really, access to information is absolutely key. Legal information should be in people’s hands … it should be in a language they understand.

You know what it feels like when you get a new oven or microwave. But imagine if that microwave is your life, and you’re not that well-educated, or there are no instructions, or …  you haven’t been told that there was a manual. You’re not taught about it in school.

This should be information we all have, so that we know how to play the game, whatever life game we’re playing, we can come up against the rules without always having to pay for private practice level, access to legal information and support.” — Kay McArdle

On how to see women in sport as an untapped opportunity

“Think about the woman as a consumer—as…

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